Do My Eyes Deceive Me?   no comments

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 Well yes they probably do, green screen photography makes anything possible. You can see it in action in shopping malls when the photography studios have their booths set up. There is a little rug rat in a crate or some such thing and when the photos come back to you the child is in front of a pastoral scene, nice rolling meadows or a few farm animals. At some point in their life they are going to ask where that picture was taken and you have to explain they have never seen a real chicken up close and personal or ever been to a horse stud, that it is all just the hocus pocus of the party photo booth hire Sydney who took the photo. Though a giant horse looming over the child’s shoulder would probably explain why the child looks so terrified, the real reason being that the kid has been dumped in a box in the middle of a mall and then a person is making funny faces and loud noises at them, while mum is in the background letting this bizarre behaviour go on. Of course the kid is upset. Theme parks love this technology, it makes the customers experience there much more exciting looking than it actually was, they get to go home with some scene in the background they have never actually ever been near and tell everyone what a great time they had.

In years to come as people get older, there will be some very confused grannies and grandpas that won’t be able to explain certain pictures because they will not remember that the photo was done with a green screen behind them. Grandkids will think that their Nan and Pop were the most adventurous oldies they have ever met and that they are losing their minds. Which may be true but not because they don’t remember that photo, the one that never really happened, they never actually stood in front of the Eiffel tower or were allowed inside a pyramid, it is all trickery. Not much help to a person who is suffering from dementia though, best to just put the photos away and not worry about them anymore, if they are kept on display the oldies might end up thinking they were spies or something. The scary thing is, this can be done at home, there is no need for a studio, as long as you have a screen that is green, a room with good lighting and some event photography and computer know how you can create all kinds of wonderful images that would fool the general public. You can go on overseas holidays and become an astronaut all in the comfort of your own home, this lends to the trend of not going anywhere or doing anything. Why would you want to when you can live the dream without any of the hassles, like interacting with other people and making new friends?” 

Written by Eve Gill on November 22nd, 2016